David Mallinson
Withers World Wide, Hong Kong

I have admired Outward Bound and its programmes for a long time without participating. So once I heard of this brilliant initiative it was an easy decision to sign up.  A unique opportunity to do something perhaps a little crazy but fun and raise money for such a great cause. See Participating Company – Withers

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Ashley Alder
Chief Executive Officer
Securities and Futures Commission, Hong Kong

This is a not to be missed opportunity to scare myself silly (I’ve done a lot of mountain climbing but skyscrapers are something else..) in support of Outward Bound – an organization enables young disadvantaged people to see the world from a totally different perspective – way beyond that of a smartphone screen – and to understand what they are really capable of achieving in life.

Don Taylor
Director, Office
Swire Properties Limited

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Alain Li
Regional Chief Executive, Richemont Asia Pacific Limited, Hong Kong

I am taking part in HK Vertical 1000 as a way to challenge myself and to raise money for those who face much tougher challenges every day.

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Kim Kan
Global Real Estate and Construction

Having lived in Hong Kong for most of my life, I have spent countless hours looking up at skyscrapers. So when I found out about the opportunity to abseil down the famed One Island East I just couldn’t resist! See Participating Company – KPMG Hong Kong

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Equeen Leung

Bright Future Charitable Foundation (BFCF) is a strong supporter of Outward Bound Hong Kong and Outward Bound Alumni Association (OBAA) for years. I am deeply honoured to represent OBAA to do this inaugural V1000 for BFCF.

Can’t wait to meet the challenge on 9 December 2017, an event that makes everyone give out a big “wow” and a very good example of what we were taught in the Outward Bound School:

“We are bounded only by the limits of our imaginations”

We are all grateful for the opportunity to help raising funds for the School.

Participating Company – Bright Future Charitable Foundation

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Samuel Kwong

I’m excited to have the opportunity to be one of the HKVertical1000 challengers.  Can’t wait to enjoy the spectacular view from the top of the most iconic building in the Island East where I live and go to work.  I hope this experience could inspire others to step out of their comfort zone (mobile phones), see things from a different angle and live life to the full (or fool)!  Great thanks to my sponsor Mr St John Flaherty, my colleague Audrey Li who spares her seat to me and the Swire Company.

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David Kong

Chairman, Outward Bound International
Managing Director, Fat Kee Stevedores Ltd.

What a lifetime experience and to support Outward Bound HK for the program it delivers to our community.

Participating Company

Fat Kee Stevedores Limited

William Robinson
Hong Kong Managing Partner

This event coincides with our office move to One Island East and offers the chance to further support Outward Bound. We can celebrate our move and support disadvantaged young people in accessing life changing Outward Bound courses. And I have never abseiled down a skyscraper. Participating Company – Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

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Anthony Nightingale

I am looking forward to HK Vertical 1000 which is supporting the excellent cause of raising funds for Outward Bound Hong Kong.

My first experience of many to the high mountains of the world was to Kilimanjaro on a trip organized by Outward bound. I have always been impressed by their programmes and their work in the communities in which they operate.

While most of my life has been spent on business matters, one of my chief pleasures is trekking and climbing in the mountains where I have done many abseils in interesting places. But since my school days in England over 50 years ago, when I used to abseil down the school tower, this will be my first abseil down a building and definitely the longest abseil I have experience anywhere!

Trisha Leahy

I fully support the aims and values of Outward Bound. I believe in the power of sport, and physical outdoor adventures to change lives, to inspire confidence, and develop resilience in young people of all ages!. We are all at our best when we challenge our perceived limits.

For me the opportunity to abseil down One Island East, one of Hong Kong’s iconic buildings is a unique challenge I cannot resist ( even though it feels terrifying!). Knowing that the event will raise funds for such a good cause gives me extra incentive to overcome my fears.

Julianne Hennig

I have taken part in the Outward Bound camps as a student and participated in the adventure races more recently. To partake in the Vertical 1000 is a dream challenge while supporting an incredible organisation that does important work in Hong Kong! Supported by Mr. Helmuth Hennig

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Alan Walker

I first learned to abseil at the Outward Bound School in Hong Kong, many, many years ago. I then went on to do another land and one sea-based course with them and still do a lot of outdoor activities – hill walking, cycling and jogging.

I know that this event is a bit extreme, especially as I am now old enough to have retired, but I feel that it would be good to come full circle and give a bit back to OB, and to possibly inspire some younger people, who may be unsure of their capabilities, that if a retiree like me can do these things, they could too.

My descent is dedicated to my lovely wife, Grace, who sadly passed away this year.

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Andy Lau
Chairman & CEO – ICG
Founder – Go-To-Cloud Consortium

I am a tech serial entrepreneur with great passion for Enterprise Cloud Transformation, Digital Marketing and Silicon Valley startup investing.

This awesome challenge marks a great milestone as I just turned 40 this year.

Quote by Helen Keller “Life is a great adventure or nothing” Participating Company – ICG.

Help Andy raise funds by making a donation here.

Jeremy Young Chit-on

I decided to do this challenge because I wanted to know how it feels to be dangling outside a 300m tall building! And of course it’s for a good cause.

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Didier Schmid

I am joining the event from Switzerland as two of my friends in Hong Kong told me about the good work Outward Bound is doing for young people there. I hope by participating that I can help raise more funds for less fortunate youth who can benefit from a course in the great outdoors.

Fred Ng
Researcher in Ming Wai Youth Office

HK Vertical 1000 is one of the most exciting charity event in Hong Kong. I can’t wait to join!

Love to take risk, get my adrenaline pumping, and help people as well! 

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Ambrose Wong
Research Assistant at Ming Wai Youth Office

I would love to take up this breathtaking challenge to support Outward Bound. It is also a very unique opportunity for me to experience to have a 1000-foot drop. YOLO!

I believe in the idea of youth empowerment. This is the reason why I actively participate in different youth leadership programs, debate coaching and youth research. It’s always good to inspire others and of course be inspired through your work. 

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Humor Leung


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Ah Long
Digital media assistant in Ming Wai Youth Office

A Hong Kong marathon runner and sports fever. I want to challenge myself ,I like to learn so I like to try new things and try to keep growing.

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Benita Chick

I am psyched to participate this OBHK’s initiative, having started my career as an OBHK instructor. I look forward to overcome this abseiling challenge and add to my bucket list of being a life adventurer, from diving down to deep oceans to doing Spartan and what not. 

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Alan Kwok
Research Assistant at Ming Wai Youth Office

It is always good to step outside my comfort zone, and joining the HK Vertical 1000 is my first step.

We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone. When I know HK Vertical 1000, the most ambitious charity event in Hong Kong, is held by Outward Bound Hong Kong, I just can’t wait to join it, to make a difference in my life and to make a difference in someone’s life. 

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Tony Wood

I am doing it as a means to raise money to support Outward Bound in Hong Kong, which is a tremendous organization that gives young people access to our wonderful outdoors and wild spaces. I firmly believe that outdoor education provides tremendous opportunities for leadership, teamwork and pushing oneself in often beautiful and fragile environments. Participating Company –  Deloitte.

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Jason Siu-hung LAM

I am always ready to accept new challenges. With Mr CC Tung’s support, I got a chance to join HK Vertical 1000 – a unique event you can find in HK.
By taking this challenge, I hope it can raise fund for Outward Bound to support young people.

Just can’t wait to enjoy this unique experience and the beautiful view of HK from the top of One Island East on 9 December.

Participating Company – OOCL

LAM Miu-Tung

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. Ever since I was a little girl, I enjoyed challenged myself to many different things, like Bungee jumping, Rock climbing, Sky diving, etc. Over the years, these challenges and experiences had enabled me to positively face obstacles and difficulties in life. When I first learnt about the HK1000 challenge organized by the Outward bound, I was so surprised and yet excited. I took this up without a heartbeat. I believe this not only is an one off extremely rare opportunity, but also an experience of a life time that will make a permanent impact to my life. I sincerely thank Lee Kee Group for sponsoring me, and I will be looking forward to take part in this remarkable challenge. Participating Company – Lee Kee Group.

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Alfons Mensdorff-Pouilly
Director Corporate Development

I was born and raised in Austria to a family of 5 kids. Since my earliest memories I spent most of my time in the mountains either through skiing, hiking, climbing or canoeing. More than 7 years ago I moved together with my Sophie to Asia and have since been missing the alpine flair of my home-country.

Taking part in HK Vertical 1000 brings me closest to what I love most – being outside in scaling and dizzy heights and overcoming one of human’s deepest fears.

I am very honored to take part in this meaningful activity to raise funds for such a worthy cause. Participating Company – Jebsen

Rory Gallaher

Deacons has been involved with outward Bound since we helped set it up in 1970, and this event sounded like an exciting way to raise money for a very worthwhile cause. It is unlikely I will have the opportunity to give it a go again, so I put my name down without giving myself the chance to dwell on the details too much! Participating Company – Deacons

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Campos Cheng

I am scared just to imagine hanging myself 1000 feet above the ground, but I knew I had to do this the first moment I learnt about the adventure. As I always say to my friends, “Your Only Limit is You”. It is my wish to bring some inspiration to others through my stories and challenges. And what better way to achieve that than to raise fund for a good cause!? Participating Company – Deacons

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Kay Hunter

A birthday present to myself of a new experience and a chance to contribute to a cause which I believe makes a difference!

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Ada Tsang

I used to be a high school teacher, pick up challenge and work out my dream is the best way to teach the youths.

Supported by Mr. Edward Ma

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Hong Kong Scottish Rugby Football Club

HK Scottish Stag Eddy Ho has been chosen by the HK Scottish Stags football team to take on Outward Bound’s inaugural 1000 feet abseil due to his constant commitment and teamwork brought to our squad. Normally seen flying down the wing on a Saturday or descending into Joe Bananas; Eddy has put himself forward for this event for the adventure and charitable cause.

Thanks to our donor for this opportunity!

Trilby White

When I heard about the Vertical 1000 I was in equal parts fascinated and terrified. Life’s most memorable experiences often fall into this category so when the opportunity arose to participate I jumped at the chance. Encouraging youngsters to push outside of their comfort zone and as grow as people is what Outward Bound aims to achieve through their programs.  So it feels that this is a very appropriate fundraising event for this charity and I feel privileged to be able to take part.

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Ellen Taylor

As a videographer, I’ve worked closely on a few projects with Outward Bound HK, and during my experience learned just how beneficial the outdoor programs is for the young minds and disadvantaged youths of Hong Kong.

When interviewing the students, I learned a lot about the demanding realities of schooling here and just how much Outward Bound can influence there lives, opening their eyes to new experiences and Providing opportunities they wouldn’t have once had.

I sincerely thank my dad Stephen Taylor for sponsoring me for this thrilling experience and massive thanks to the Outward Bound team for organizing such an extraordinary event.

Whether you just want to see me dangling 300m off a building or just want to support a good cause. Donate now, Your gesture will make a difference

Jonathan Young

Why am I participating in the HK Vertical 1000 challenge?

Why not? I took my first Outward Bound course at age 10 (when I tried abseiling for my first time), and have taken 2 more other Outward Bound courses since then. Taking part in this challenge not only can raise fund for and promote Outward Bound in Hong Kong so more people can benefit the life-changing courses, but can also challenge myself and get to experience something that I only see people do in action movies.

Anonymous #1

You know who you are! Thank you for your support.

Anonymous #2

You know who you are! Thank you for your support.